Architecture in Germany (1900-1945)

Otto BARTNING (1883-1959)

Bartning was a Modernist German architect, architectural theorist and teacher. In his early career he developed plans with Walther Gropius for the establishment of the Bauhaus. He was a member of Der Ring. In 1951 he was elected president of the Federation of the German Architects

BAUHAUS (Dessau)


Peter BEHRENS (1868-1940)


AEG TurbinenHalle,

Berlin Moabit 1908

Maison personnelle

Colonie dartistes, Darmstadt 1901

projets ou réalisations divers

Max BERG (1870-1947)


Dominikus BÖHM (1880-1955)


Breslau (Wroclaw)



Stella Maris church

Norderney, Germany


Paul BONATZ (1877-1956)

Emil FAHRENKAMP (1885-1966)

Gare de Stuttgart

Ponts autoroutiers

Theodor FISCHER (1862-1938)

Shell Haus, Berlin 1932

Theodor FISCHER (1862-1938)

Walter GROPIUS (1883-1969)



Otto HAESLER (1880-1962)

Hugo HÄRING (1882-1958)

He is often grouped with Bruno Taut, Ernst May and Walter Gropius as being among the most significant representatives of the Modernist ("Neues Bauen") architecture that became important initially during the Weimar period, notably in respect of residential accommodation.


Hugo Häring was an architect and architectural writer best known for his writings on "organic architecture", and as a figure in architectural debates about functionalism in the 1920s and 1930s, though he had an important role as an expressionist architect.

HILBERSEIMER Ludwig (1885-1967)


HÖGER Johann Friedrich (1877-1949)

Architect and urban planner, best known for his ties to the Bauhaus and to Mies van der Rohe, as well as for his work in urban planning at Armour  (now Illinois) Institute of Technology  in Chicago.


His best-known work is the Chilehaus in Hamburg, constructed between 1922-24 for saltpeter importer Henry B. (Chile) Sloman. The office block features a curving facade reminiscent of a ship's hull, coming together at a sharp angle on the corners of Pumpen and Niedernstrasse

LUCKHARDT Hans and Wassili 

LUCKHARDT Hans and Wassili 


MAY Ernst (1886-1970)


MENDELSSOHN Erich (1887-1953)



Einstein Tower, Potsdam-Berlin, 1920

 Hutfabrik Lukenwalde, 1930

Schoken-Bau, Stuttgart, 1927-1930

POELZIG Hans (1869-1936)

Rudolf Petersdorff department store in Wrocław, Poland, 1927-1928


Projets de châteaux deau (Posen, Hambourg)

Sulphuric acid factory in Luban, Poland, 1911

1916 Istanbul

Haus des Freundschaft

1918 Schauspielhaus


1930 Haus des Rundfunks

1931 I.G. Farben Francfort

1932 Poelzig Reichsbank

1932 Schauburg

MENSELSSOHN Erich (1887-1953)

STEIFF Richard

Autres projets


TAUT Bruno (1880-1938)

1903 Richard Steiff toy factory in Giengen, Germany

TAUT Bruno (1880-1938)


1913 Leipzig, Monument des Eisens

1912-13 Gardenstadt Falkenberg, Berlin

1914 Köln