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Date of Birth : 26 october 1956 in Strasbourg (France)

Doğum tarihi : 26 Ekim 1956, Strasbourg (Fransa)


French and Turkish Citizen

Fransız ve Türk vatandaşı


Graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries de Strasbourg, 1979


2012                Guest professor at Faculty of Architecture, Erciyes University, Kayseri

2010                Curator of the exhibition held in Izmir and Kusadasi “Claros. The column, sacrifice and the Oracle”

2009               Curator of the exhibition held in Izmir and Strasbourg “Le Corbusier in Turkey”

2008-11           Teaching Architecture at the Yasar University, Bornova, Izmir.

2008-09          Scientific Adviser for the “Foça-Marseilles Archaeonautical Project”

2007-2011        Responsible for the Antoine Galland Documentation and Research Center in Izmir

                       Curator of the “Izmir/Smyrna. Portrait of a City through French collections” exhibition.

2006-2015       Member of the Turkish Claros archaeological excavation Team

2003–2008      Member of the Izmir Roman Agora archaeological excavation Team

2002–2006      Resident at the French Institute for Anatolian Studies in Istanbul (IFEA)

2002                Medal of Archeology from the French Architectural Academy.

1997–2005       Director of the French Archaeological Team in Letoon (Turkey)

1988-2002       Member of the CNRS (UMR CNRS 694) Laboratory specialized in Virtual Architecture.


1988–1990      Responsible for Heritage Conservation at the CAUE

                       (Council for Architecture, Urbanism and Environment) of Bas-Rhin (Strasbourg)

1990-2005       Responsible for “Architecture and Archaeology” Post-Graduated Educational Course (Strasbourg - Paris)

1984-2015       Teaching at the Strasbourg National High School for Architecture, France

1980-1985       Working on various projects with Ph. Weiss, Ph. Fraisse, P. Weber, etc.

1982                “La Villa hors les Murs” scholarship; work at the Agrest & Gandelsonas Office in New-York

1979-2015       Member of the French Archaeological School Team working in Delphi (Greece)

1978, 1980      Member of the Meydancıkkale Archaeological Team, Gülnar (Turkey)


Around fifty articles about History of Architecture and Archaeological Preservation in various scientific publications

Numerous conferences about Architecture in museums, Universities and Institutions in France, Turkey and other countries



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